Friday, February 12, 2010

When Lawyers Attack!!!

On a wine forum owned, operated, and inhabited by those litigious folks known as lawyers, I posted the following comment on an article about Gallo importing fraudulently labeled Pinot Noir for their Red Bicyclette brand:
At any rate, this is quite funny. It's common to blend Syrah or even Petite Sirah into mass produced CA Pinot Noir. I'm talking about stuff like Castle Rock, Red Tree and Chalone California appellation stuff, not high end Pinot. But it's not supposed to exceed 25% of non-Pinot blenders. In France you can blend 90% non-Pinot yet still label it as such! Well, you could before . . . .
I received the following response:
You do realize this board is crawling with lawyers, [CabFrancophile]?

Do Chalone, Red Tree, and Castle Rock admit to this practice?
A joke? Perhaps. But who jokes about getting your pants sued off over a statement in a web forum? And if it's not a joke, is forum litigating is the new ambulance chasing? One had better watch out in wine forums since expensive wine attracts lawyers like shit attracts flies. Maybe I should keep my own lawyer on retainer the next time I dare to write something that is 100% true!

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