Sunday, June 20, 2010

TN: Domaine du Gros' Noré 2005 Bandol

Bandol is one of those wine regions I've been buying up sporadically. The reason: Mourvedre. Bandols must have at least 50% Mourvedre, and the blending of Syrah and Carignan is strictly limited to 15% of the wine. By legal definition Bandol must be a unique wine. The Domaine du Gros' Noré 2005 Bandol didn't quite live up to my expectations, though. The last Bandol I had was simultaneously funky and elegant in a classic French paradox style. This one was rather monolithic, albeit fairly tasty, and I'm not sure that it was all that different from any other brooding, dark wine like a Petite Sirah or a Tannat. Then again, it is still quite young and from a vintage that's supposed to age. I have another bottle and will revisit in 5 years or so to reach my final verdict.
  • 2005 Domaine du Gros' Noré Bandol - France, Provence, Bandol
    Solid chunky wine. Nose has fennel, red and black currant, floral aromas and a little funk. Big and dark flavors with lots of licorice. Creamy and thick, full bodied. A bit flabby and hot on the finish, but with enough structure to hold together. Definitely has the stuffing to age a bit, and this is one I'll revisit. But right now this doesn't have much to distinguish from a good Cali GSM sort of blend.

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