Monday, December 13, 2010

TN: Thankgiving Weekend Aromatic Whites

I'm a sucker for aromatic whites, what can I say. If it's dry, yet smells vaguely like a dessert wine, I'm sold! Viognier can be a good choice, but often times it ends up being incredibly heavy and fat in order to achieve the jasmine and apricot aromas that make it exciting.

Lately I've been looking into different varietal wines made from aromatic whites that have a bit more acidic lift and lighter body. The compelling quality of these wines is that they smell really nice, but are quite versatile when it comes to using as a cocktail or a food wine. The aromas make them seem sweeter than they really are, while the acidity makes them naturals for the dinner table. In other words, they not only have broad applications, but a broad appeal to both obsessive wine drinkers and the occasional wine drinker who might prefer sweeter wines.

Here are three that fared well over Thanksgiving:
  • 2008 Yves Breussin Vouvray - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Vouvray

    Just spot on Chenin Blanc. Lychees and floral aromas. Round, concentrated flavors up front followed by a dry, mouth-watering finish. Has a hint of RS, but acidity is very high so it is complementary. Simply delicious.
  • 2009 Vino V Wines Albariño Confundida - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley

    Aromatic! Jasmine, honey and white stone fruit. Dry on the palate, though med-low acid. Fruit and floral esters give it a sensation of sweetness despite dryness. Medium body. Listed at 12.5% ABV. A superb aromatic white that gets explosive aromas without extreme ripeness.
  • 2009 Old Creek Ranch Winery Loureiro - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley

    Very perfumey aromas, yet lemony, high acid flavors. Almost austere, very mineral driven. Aromatic food wine. No oak, light/medium body. Portuguese varietal.

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Dan K said...

Aromatic whites? Try the 2009 Maestracci "E Prove" vermentino from Corsica (Kermit Lynch import), knocked my socks off this summer with its wonderful aromatics. K&L still has it in stock. Vermentino is a wonderful grape...
- Dan