Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TN: Tablas Creek 2006 Côtes de Tablas Blanc

I was shopping at my local Von's, just a typical weekend trip to load up for the week, when I decided to hit the restroom. Right across from the restroom, I noticed a rack with wines at 50% off. About half the wines on the rack were Tablas Creek, much to my surprise!

The Tablas Creek 2006 Côtes de Tablas Blanc is the first wine I've tried from this hidden stash. While the acidity isn't especially strong, there's a refined texture that belies the modest ambitions of this wine. Who would have thought a white wine built to drink young would be delicious at 4 years of age? Young CdT Blancs I've tasted have been very 'in your face' and somewhat imbalanced to my taste, so this was a mild surprise to say the least. This was listed at 13.5% ABV and sealed with a Stelvin closure (screw cap), by the way. My suspicion is these two factors in no small part helped this wine to evolve pleasantly in the near-term.
  • 2006 Tablas Creek Côtes de Tablas Blanc - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles

    This is one of those silly accidents--bought half price in a grocery store bargain bin. I was optimistic since this has a stelvin closure, and indeed there's no sign of oxidation. Dried apricots and an interesting petrol component I often associate with central coast Grenache Blanc on the nose. The palate is full, creamy and rounded, though there is no obvious oak--seems to be the viscosity of the Viognier and Roussanne at play. Very refined impression, no rough edges, seams or heat. Medium-low acidity. Seems like a baby Esprit Blanc more than anything else if you ask me, not a bombastic drink two years ago Viognier blend--go figure!

    59% Viognier, 32% Marsanne, 6% Grenache Blanc, 3% Roussanne


MattRyan said...

That blend looks almost EXACTLY like Emergence White Table Wine you can find at TJ's ($7). I don't have the cellar info with me, but I know it's from about the same part of the world, Paso Robles. I wonder if there is a connection? Have you tried Emergence?

Cabfrancophile said...

I actually have a post on Emergence--search my blog and you'll find it. Emergence is from Central Coast Wine Warehouse, so I'd doubt it is connected to Tablas Creek since they have their own self-contained winery. But you can never be 100% sure. The weighting of the blend in Energence is more towards GB and Marsanne, while CdT is more Viognier and Roussanne.

Incidentally, I do think Emergence is the best wine TJs has ever put out at $5-$8 (that I've tasted). Lacking a bit of flavor intensity and freshness, but it has great varietal character and body for 1/3 what similar blends usually cost.