Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Slowing Down a Bit

It seems I've fallen behind in my fictional vocation of wine writing! I wouldn't say I've been busier, but there has been greater diversity in my use of free time lately. In terms of wine tasting, I've gotten into a cycle of drinking decent if not really good wine that doesn't quite fit into my rubric of off the beaten path and in the neighborhood of $20. This is not "The PR for Decent Wine Files" or "The Bragging About What I Drink Files" after all.

Fortunately, there is change in the wind. Some recent purchases have brought in potentially great blogging fodder such as a non-vintage Rhone blend from a Nor Cal winemaker who uses ancient texts as a guide, a Georgian (the nation that gave the world Stalin, not the state that gave us Chic-fil-A) wine, and a 10 year old hybrid Bierzo-Bordeaux blend, among others. And I still have a bit to write up on Paso Robles as well. Stay tuned, folks!

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