Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TN: Iron Horse 2006 Cuvée R

I'll be adding shorter tasting notes more regularly which will be denoted with "TN" in the title to differentiate from the longer posts that add more context to a wine beyond what's in the bottle. These notes will generally cover wines that are less obscure or lack especially unique characteristics, but nonetheless are worth at least a few sentences if not a paragraph or two. Longer posts will be denoted with a "WN" tag for wine note.

The Iron Horse 2006 Cuvée R is the latest wine I've tried from this producer, and Iron Horse has another winner in this blend of 91% Sauvignon Blanc and 9% Viognier. At $25 this is at the upper end of what I'd consider paying for a white wine, but it delivers with subtle floral and peach aromas and that unquantifiable delicious factor. The broad, round entry of citrus and peach is followed by a lengthy, pleasurable and very clean finish. With a pH of 2.78, RS of 2 g/L, ABV of 13.1% and none of the overt herbaceousness and cat pee that often plague Sauvignon Blanc or the flabbiness and bitterness that can affect Viognier, this is an elegant, impeccably balanced wine with impressive acidic structure and lovely aromatics.

I believe this is the last vintage of this wine since Iron Horse Vineyards no longer is associated with the T-T Ranch where they have sourced Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier in the past. Definitely worth the splurge for fans of crisp white wines without the oaky, buttery trappings of a typical Chardonnay.

Score: 90-92
Price: $25 from Wines & Makers

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