Sunday, July 18, 2010

TN: Couly-Dutheil 2009 Chinon René Couly Rosé

On my monthly trip to Costco much to my surprise I found the Couly-Dutheil 2009 Chinon René Couly Rosé in their wine section. A Cabernet Franc rosé from Chinon at Costco? Go figure, though I shouldn't be too surprised as they also carry a Chenin Blanc from this same producer. What was really surprising was how fruity and almost candied the wine was. I was expecting something a bit more austere, I suppose. It was certainly dry, though, and showed more varietal character with air. A fun wine and a nice deal for $13.
  • 2009 Couly-Dutheil Chinon Domaine René Couly - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Chinon
    Lots of strawberry bubble gum at first. With air showed some of the minty and savory edge I'd expect from Cab Franc. Very fruit forward and full bodied rose. Good acidity, yet still seemed a bit unstructured. Has a little herby quality to the finish. Seems simplistic and fruity now, but I'd bet in 6-12 months this will show more of its typicity. Right now this is a summer quaffer.

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Jeff said...

Funny, I really did beat you to the punch...although it sounds as if we have the same impressions. Had another bottle of this last night; it holds up pretty well to spicy stuff and is just generally very summery.