Saturday, July 31, 2010

TN: Guido Porro 2005 Barolo Vigna Lazzairasco

I've been tinkering with Nebbiolos recently as they're kind of the Pinot Noir of wines that rip your face off with tannins and acidity. Aromatic, nuanced, and tough as nails. Real wines of character, with Barolo being the most famous expression. Generally they're not meant to be consumed young, but I decided it would be good to get a 'calibration' by drinking the Guido Porro 2005 Barolo Vigna Lazzairasco with some Gruyere, Gouda and a big old chunk of olive bolillo.

It's no surprise that this wine was acidic and tannic. But, as noted by Jeff over at Viva la Wino, there's a surfeit of ripe, plummy fruit to round it out. From an aromatic standpoint, some of the California Nebbiolos I've tried are similar. This is definitely a riper version of Nebbiolo. But the aristocratic structure is what separates it from the California versions I've tried. At $32 this was at the higher end of my target price range, but fairly inexpensive for Barolo. All in all a very reasonable price for a wine of this quality and pedigree. Incidentally, this wine was imported by Kermit Lynch, who is more famous for his French imports.
  • 2005 Guido Porro Barolo Vigna Lazzairasco - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo
    Bouquet of tar, plums, prunes and anise. Some heat, but very aromatic overall. Actually similar nose to some CA Nebbiolos I've had. Lush and approachable flavors with dark plummy fruit, spice and earth. Finishes tannic. Medium acidity, medium-full body. Surprisingly approachable, but with nice structure (superior to its CA peers). Veering a bit to riper, dried fruit though this undoubtedly aids in its youthful pleasure. Check in on 2nd bottle in a few years.


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Anonymous, your blog isn't something I read regularly; I'll add it to my reader. If I enjoy it, then I'll add it to my blog roll. Because you are posting under Anon and are run by, this does have a 'spammy' feel, which is why I'd like to evaluate your content a bit. You are welcome to add me to your blogroll, but I hope it is based on content not expectation of reciprocal blogrolling.

Toni Fadnes said...

Tried the 06 at Il Capriccio in Waltham, MA, last week.Color of the wine on the lighter (nebbiolo) side. Closed nose to start off with, but evolving during our meal. Flowery, licorice, and mineral aromas. A touch of saddle, added my daughter. A delicate, fruity wine, with soft tannins, that is good now, and should be great after 8-10 years in your cellar.